The major objective of successful cancer treatment is the cure. If that is not achievable, then remission lasting a long period of time is desirable. On top of that, a good quality of life with extended longevity throughout treatment is the goal.

The maximisation of health span as well as life span is directly linked to cancer survivorship and the principles of achieving it are the same without the cancer or other potentially life threatening disease. There are some basic principles to the approach to longevity which include a healthy diet, caloric restriction and maintenance of ideal body weight, regular physical activity, good quality sleep, management of mental stress and anxiety, avoidance of toxins as well as regular preventative health checks and potentially genetic testing if significant risk due to the family history of major diseases.

These strategies are also further studied and discussed in the field of epigenetics. In principle, the findings confirm the ability of humans to alter their potential genetic predisposition to various diseases by appropriate interventions, life style choices and practices which align with the same strategies as those for longevity.

We will be focusing on discussing these themes in our podcasts, video presentations and articles on a regular basis. We aim to increase your understanding of this important topic and to be able to incorporate simple workable strategies for longevity in your everyday life.